Here's Mike singing "Shelter" at the Ark in Ann Arbor on June 18, 2015 during the Concert for Lost Voices.

Here is the Colonoscopy Song at the Trinity House Theater on May 21, 2012.

This is "Eddie's Choice," a song written by incarcerated young men in our Lost Voices program

Here's "The Grandpa Song," in honor of my new granddaughter Caely

It's "The Darwin Song!"

Here's my song about a "Little Songbird" born in Gnaw Bone, Indiana.

Here's "The Grandpa Song" at the 2011 Concert for Lost Voices

Here's Now And Then, performed at a house concert in Whitmore Lake - the only song we are aware of that features Catnip Katie.


Here we are with special Sea Monkey Peter Madcat Ruth. We're performing an original song called "At Least I've Got Most Of My Hair," based on a column from What I've Learned So Far...