Dr. Mike & The Sea Monkeys




Here are a few photos of the Sea Monkeys at various gigs, including the 2010 Concert for Lost Voices at The Barnstormer in Whitmore Lake. If you have any pictures of us in your personal stash, please send them to us and we'll add them.





Mike with Matt Watroba



The Sea Monkeys got their start as Guys With Guitars at the 2007 and 2008 Concerts for Lost Voices. These concerts featured Josh White, Jr., Kitty Donohoe, Peter Madcat Ruth, Reverend Robert Jones, Matt Watroba, Soulstice, Cliff Gracey, and Firth and Foremost.




The Lost Voices Artists at the Ark



These shots were taken at the Ark Concert for Lost Voices in March 2009 by our dear friends Jessica Feltner and Mark Heisler. The concert, in one of the most revered folk music venues in America, featured Josh White Jr, Kitty Donohoe, Peter Madcat Ruth, Robert Jones, Matt Watroba, and Mike Ball.