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Dr. Mike & The Sea Monkeys

Dr. Mike and the Sea Monkeys are a folk and acoustic blues act consisting of singer/songwriter and award-winning humorist Mike Ball, guitarist Scott Clauser, and drummer Nick Spagnuolo. When the gig is right and the stars are in alignment, the band also includes the incredible harmonica virtuoso Peter Madcat Ruth or some of our other talented friends.

Most of our music is original, based on the nationally-syndicated column What I've Learned So Far... and the book What I've Learned So Far... Part 1: Bikes, Docks & Slush Nuggets by Erma Bombeck award-winning humorist Mike Ball.

The Sea Monkeys are also deeply involved with Lost Voices, a group that develops and implements song writing and performing workshops for incarcerated and at-risk kids. Please consider a contribution to this powerful cause. Visit the Lost Voices Web site for more information.

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